MKMMA Week 2 – Obstacles – are they self imposed?

MKMMA Week 2 – Obstacles – are they self imposed?

Week 2 of my second round of the MKMMA experience and I was faced with obstacles which seemed to impede my progress in the course.  I wrote of facing obstacles previously ( wherein I questioned whether I wanted an ordinary life or an extraordinary life.  My choice – an extraordinary life.

However, when faced with obstacles again I seemed to have somewhat lost my momentum to achieving an extraordinary life (or perhaps its just my gratitude for life that is flailing).  As I reflect on my last post the obstacles I wrote of seem frivolous in comparison to what life has put in my path now.  As I write this I am finding it difficult to find the words to explain the “obstacle” that has been put in my path so perhaps the best way is to be factual – my 15 year old son is suffering from acute first episode psychosis.  As a result he has been hopsitalised for almost 6 weeks and at times does not recognise me as his mother.

I have grieved the loss of my son as he once was and am working on embracing my son for who he is now and who he will be.   I truly believe that everything happens for a reason however, I at this stage I unable to grasp that reason.

Noting the outside world reflects the inside world, I was lead to the question “Are obstacles self imposed?”  The short answer “Yes” but now I am faced with asking myself the hard question “Where in my ‘inside world’ am I suffering such turmoil?”

I will share the answer with you soon.

MKMMA Week 1 – Today I begin a new life round 2

MKMMA Week 1 – Today I begin a new life round 2

When we choose to grow and expand as individuals the world around us grows and expands and the opposite is exactly true.

Round 2 of MKMMA and I hear myself again repeating the words “Today I begin a new a life”.   This time when I repeat the words the doubt that once existed has diminished.  This time my conviction is real and this time I truly believe I deserve a new life.  A new life where my desires are my just reward – a life where I no longer fear success.

Fear of success debilitated me.  It sounds absurd to admit that I was fearful of success but it is my painful truth.  I fed my “mysterious mind that never sleeps” with information that crippled me, that held me back from making choices that would propel me to fulfilling my life’s purpose.  Why? Because I believed that if I became successful, if I achieved all that I desired and if I were truly happy  I would lose those that are closest to me.  What the? Complete absurdity but that mysterious mind of mine held me with a mighty grip.  That was until I took my power back and chose to release myself.

You see that mysterious mind of ours truly is mysterious but only if we let it remain masked.  Once we learn how to wield it, like a knight wields his sword the power we possess is truly mighty.

What’s amazing is that this power does not discriminate it is within all of us if only we choose to embrace it.

For me my journey of self-discovery has taken me on wonderful adventures, taught me immeasurable lessons and brought more love and compassion into my life than I ever believed possible – many of which I previously believed I did not deserve.

BUT what I know now is that I deserve all this and more.  I DESERVE SUCCESS – in fact it is my duty to be successful.  It is a duty I owe to myself, to my family, to my community, to the global community and to the universe.  I was not put on this earth to live a mediocre life.  I was put on this earth (as are we all) to live a great and fulfilling life.

SO “Today I begin a new life” and no longer will I fear success.  I will embrace my journey, overcome my fears and live a great and fulfilling life.

I invite you to do the same and if you are willing to share one thing you wish to embrace as you too make the choice today, to begin a new life I would be grateful to receive your comments below.


Week 22a – Awareness is growing

Week 22a – Awareness is growing


I am truly grateful to the MKMMA team and the teachings.  Grateful beyond words.  And grateful to my blogging buddies and twitter tweeters.  I just read in Barbara’s blog about the Bees.  I feel we are all the bees and the hive is like the MKMMA… Awesome!

I’m feeling to blog what I have just experienced.  I was listening to the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattle and even though I read this book 5 years ago… it didn’t sink in as it did today.

Here are a few little phrases that I wrote down

Gratitude brings your mind into closer harmony with the universe and creative thought

God, the one substance, is trying to live and do and enjoy things through humanity

The URGE of original substance containing all the possibilities of all life is seeking expression through you

Man can form things in his thoughts and…

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Week 22 – Progress – manifesting thought into reality

Week 22 – Progress – manifesting thought into reality

Milton, A.  1983 – 2070

Loving wife, caring and compassionate mother and a treasure to her local community and the world.   Milton, A leaves us with a reminder to make the dash (-) in your life memorable.  In her last moments she emphasised to all those she touched “ensure your dash is filled with moments that lead you to your bliss!”

The past couple of weeks have been a little emotional for me.  I have thought deeply about the concept of my “dash” and the moments and memories I want my dash to consist of.

These thoughts combined with my concentrated thought and focus on observing and demonstrating decisiveness lead me to some amazing manifestations – memorable moments that make up my dash.

I realised that in those moments of decisiveness the very thing I decided upon manifested into reality.  The most recent of which I will share with you.

For over two years I had contemplated embarking on an adventure that would see me walk 100 kms (approx 62 miles) in 48 hours through bush land to raise funds for charity (Oxfam).

In my week of decisiveness I made the heroic decision that 2016 would be my year.  The cost alone would have been enough to deter me previously but I did not waiver.  The new me could not allow it.

How was I to come up with the funds to register and put a team together.  Low and behold the universe provided me with the resources I needed to register – a sponsor (who paid for the registration) and 3 willing participates to join me on my adventure.

Then I had to think about training. Although I have enjoyed the odd hike or two and had the pleasure of hiking the mountains of Annapurna, Nepal ( I have never prepared myself physically or mentally for such a challenge.

What was I to do?  Contact a gym of course and seek a trainer that would assist me on this great adventure.  Again I was concerned about finances and the cost of engaging a personal trainer where not in my budget.   But again the universe provided – My local gym offered us free personal training.

In moments of doubt (and I have a few of those)  I will remember that I am amazing at manifesting thought into reality and so are you!

I must admit that I still need practice at concentrating on the very thing(s) I desire (as opposed to concentrating on undesirable conditions), particularly now that I am becoming more aware of the amazing power within me to manifest both desirable and undesirable conditions.

I have decided that my dash will be the greatest adventure story ever!

I would be grateful if you could spare some loose change and help my team reach our fundraising goals

Week 21 MKMMA -The miracle of finding power in repose

Week 21 MKMMA -The miracle of finding power in repose

Week 20 and I was confronted by my uncomfortablity with taking responsibility and being accountable for my life – for my choices (my dragon if you will).

I wrote of knowing of a power prescribed only to me, a power I needed to harness in order to strike my uncomfortableness without hesitation.

On further reflection not only did taking responsibility and being accountable for my life make me uncomfortable but it was the fear of judgement and the fear of failure that paralysed my ability to harness my power.

What if my choices were not held in high esteem of others? Would I be deemed a failure?  These questions frequented my reasoning (or lack of).

Reality check – No longer could my life be in the hands of another (and why should it? after all this is my life).

It was only through repose I was able to do strike my uncomfortableness with utter fearlessness.   In one short moment I wielded my hefty sword high into the heavens and struck my uncomfortableness with an unmeasurable force.   The effect of my strike was not bloodshed as some may picture but rather the opposite – A MIRACLE – the expulsion of an iridescent light from my target flooded my surroundings.  I did not defeat my dragon.  I mastered it.  At that moment I felt I took my first step on my journey to atonement.  I am destined to be FREE!

There a no further words to describe this moment for me but I leave you with this:

On the other side of fear is freedom.


I invite you to share your story of your mastering your dragon/s.