Week 4 MKMMA – Standing at crossroad – which direction to choose

Week 4 MKMMA – Standing at crossroad – which direction to choose

Reflection noun. 1.”the throwing back by a body or surface of light … without absorbing it”, 2.”serious thought or contemplation”.

I’m standing at a crossroad, a crossroad of contemplation.  To my right, a meandering path that leads to a picturesque mountain range, where the skye meets the earth and the sun rests peacefully on the mountain tops.  I can almost smell and taste the crisp air that awaits me at the summit.   I look at this path, it is foreign to me, it appears treacherous and endless.  It is by no means an easy path to walk, I have not been here before.  The only certainty is that it leads to the beautiful mountain range embellished with dense lush forest.  It is the sun’s resting place.  I feel a pulling sensation on my heart – it is leading me and my body is simply a vessel by which it can lead.   The mountain range is beckoning and I am captivated.  From where I stand the light from the sun hits the tree tops in such a way they emanate a vibrant emerald coloured light.  I am enveloped in the beauty of this light. I see the light reflecting from every limb of my body. I am compelled to take my first step on this path.  I feel a rush of emotions – excitement, nervousness, contentment, joy and then it hits – fear. Yet I am still drawn to the emerald light emenating from the mountains. Like a moth to a flame, I take another step.

THEN I stumble and fall.  I have taken only four steps on this path – a path that is foreign and appears to be endless.  I question my choice of direction.

I look back and see a familiar path, a path I have walked a thousand times over.  I know it well.  This path led me to this crossroad and asked me to choose my direction.  Choose to walk the path to my right, basked in the warmth and beauty of the emanating emerald light or return to the path I know well.  This path is easy, but it does not lead to light.  It has no requirement for light therefore it provides none.  It does not meander, it is straight and narrow – a downward slope.  It does not require energy therefore it provides no energy.  It does not require support therefore it provides no support.

This path does however provide the comfort of certainty.  The end of this path is clearly visible.  It is a dark abyss of nothingness.

Standing here at a crossroad I CHOOSE to walk the path that leads  to light.  I take another step.  This time the light does not reflect.  I absorb it.  I become one with the light.

Week 4 of the MKMMA experience I stood at this crossroad and made a choice.  Although I cannot see the summit of the mountain range I have FAITH it is there and I will reach it.

I ask you to WALK this PATH with ME and join me at the SUMMIT.


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