Week 6 MKMMA – Ordinary life vs Extraordinary life

Week 6 MKMMA – Ordinary life vs Extraordinary life

Week 6 of the MKMMA experience life has thrown obstacles in my  path.  In week 4 I wrote of feeling as though I was standing at a cross road and asked to choose a direction – an unknown path that led to light OR a known path that led to darkness.  I chose to take the unknown path to light.  https://masterkeymiltona.wordpress.com/2015/10/24/week-4-mkmma-standing-at-crossroad-which-direction-to-choose/.

Bathed in light I took another step on this path,  then week 6 – a boulder stood between me and my pathway to light.  I felt a moment of despair, a moment of defeat, a moment of reflection and then with greater clarity a shift in perspective.  Boulder_OpportunitiesUp until now my perspective of obstacles was vastly different.  I did not view obstacles as a challenge to overcome but rather an excuse to well … I hate to say it but “give up”.  I admired those who faced their obstacles with full force and true wit.  I often wondered why I did not have the ability to greet obstacles with the same tenacity.

This led me to ask myself

“Do you want an ordinary life or an extraordinary life?”

I wondered if those, who viewed the most challenging obstacles as new adventures asked themselves this question.   This one question and more so my answer to this question gave me the inspiration to continue my journey on the path to light BUT first I had to see my obstacles bathed in light and no longer fear them but embrace them.

If you have taken the time to read this far perhaps you’re wondering what was my obstacle.  A few clustered events occurred this week that shook me to my core.  On initial reflection I thought these events were the obstacle/s.  However with clarity, I realised the obstacle/s were not the events but rather the impact of the events on my daily routine – “dirsuption” was my obstacle.

I had unconsciously become reliant on my routine and just as I was falling into the MKMMA experience with ease that boulder fell from the sky and landed at my feet.  At first I stomped my feet, had a tantrum and waited for someone to come a move it BUT no one came.   During all of these states there was that lingering question that had been sitting dormant in the back of my mind “Do you want an ordinary life or an extraordinary life”.  If this boulder had not appeared nor would the question.

My answer:

“An extraordinary life”.

As a child I loved climbing trees and the tallest ones were my greatest challenge.  My obstacles are the tallest of trees and I am facing my greatest challenge yet.   I am embracing my inner child and invite you to race me to the highest branch of the tree.


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