Week 11 – MKMMA Reconnecting with oneself

Week 11 – MKMMA Reconnecting with oneself

We cannot connect on a deep level of love with each other when we are not connected with ourselves.

Week 9 of MKMMA I wrote of my resistance https://masterkeymiltona.wordpress.com/2015/11/30/mkmma-week-9-release-from-the-shackles-of-resistance/.

Week 10 of MKMMA I wrote of my rejuvenation to persist until I succeed https://masterkeymiltona.wordpress.com/2015/12/03/week-10-mkmma-persistence-the-path-to-success/.

Now in week 11 I am finally beginning to reconnect with the one person who matters the most. Me!.  

Before the MKMMA experience I would have viewed my new found perspective as “selfish” but what I have began to realise is that the more “selfish” I am the more “selfless” I become.   The more vested in me the more vested I become in others.  The more love I give to myself, the more love I give to others.  The more patient I am with myself, the more patient I am with others.  The more compassionate I am to myself, the more compassionate I am to others.  The more I listen to myself, the more open I am to listening to others.

“Give more get more!”  

How could I truly give more to others without expectation of reciprocity if the person I placed the most expectation on was me.  How could I instill the principle of giving to my children unless I demonstrate the principle in my everyday.

Through the practicing the Law of Duel Thought’ (attaching any feeling to any thought – MY CHOICE!) taking time for myself has shifted from being “selfish” to “selfless”.  My relationships are harmonious when my relationship with myself is.

WOW!  There it is the world within creates the world without.

The more I give to myself, the more I allow myself to be open, the more I connect with myself on a daily basis the less resistance I feel,  the pull to be a well thought architect of my life, to achieve, to persist until I succeed subdues the fear I once felt.quote-1

This week my focus is on me.  Doing the daily tasks set is starting to become me and not just something I do and not just for now but for my future self.

No longer will be a drawn to the things that do not serve me.  I will be drawn to the things I love.

I hope that you too, will be drawn to the things you love.

“Where the desert ends the green grass grows”

Let’s take our shoes off together and feel the green grass under our feet.  Bliss!

13 thoughts on “Week 11 – MKMMA Reconnecting with oneself

  1. I will heed your advice. Love your blog i will be drawn to the things i love and invest in the things that will help me succeed. I may just take my shoes of and feel the grass under my feet.


    1. Enjoy your walk on the grass. I listened to a recording of Dr Wayne Dyer who suggested just that – to talk a walk in nature and if you live in the city go to a park and take your shoes off and walk on the grass

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      1. Perhaps we can start a MKMMA “take your shoes of and fell the earth” project. I’ll post a video in the coming weeks to start it off. I also sent you a message on twitter to see if you wanted to mastermind.


  2. Loved your blog. It is so refreshing to see how this hero’s journey is changing people lives. Keep growing, The Law of growth, that is the key.Be amazing. Love to all x


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