Week 22 – Progress – manifesting thought into reality

Week 22 – Progress – manifesting thought into reality

Milton, A.  1983 – 2070

Loving wife, caring and compassionate mother and a treasure to her local community and the world.   Milton, A leaves us with a reminder to make the dash (-) in your life memorable.  In her last moments she emphasised to all those she touched “ensure your dash is filled with moments that lead you to your bliss!”

The past couple of weeks have been a little emotional for me.  I have thought deeply about the concept of my “dash” and the moments and memories I want my dash to consist of.

These thoughts combined with my concentrated thought and focus on observing and demonstrating decisiveness lead me to some amazing manifestations – memorable moments that make up my dash.

I realised that in those moments of decisiveness the very thing I decided upon manifested into reality.  The most recent of which I will share with you.

For over two years I had contemplated embarking on an adventure that would see me walk 100 kms (approx 62 miles) in 48 hours through bush land to raise funds for charity (Oxfam).

In my week of decisiveness I made the heroic decision that 2016 would be my year.  The cost alone would have been enough to deter me previously but I did not waiver.  The new me could not allow it.

How was I to come up with the funds to register and put a team together.  Low and behold the universe provided me with the resources I needed to register – a sponsor (who paid for the registration) and 3 willing participates to join me on my adventure.

Then I had to think about training. Although I have enjoyed the odd hike or two and had the pleasure of hiking the mountains of Annapurna, Nepal (https://masterkeymiltona.wordpress.com/2016/01/12/mkmma-week-14-escape-to-the-wild/) I have never prepared myself physically or mentally for such a challenge.

What was I to do?  Contact a gym of course and seek a trainer that would assist me on this great adventure.  Again I was concerned about finances and the cost of engaging a personal trainer where not in my budget.   But again the universe provided – My local gym offered us free personal training.

In moments of doubt (and I have a few of those)  I will remember that I am amazing at manifesting thought into reality and so are you!

I must admit that I still need practice at concentrating on the very thing(s) I desire (as opposed to concentrating on undesirable conditions), particularly now that I am becoming more aware of the amazing power within me to manifest both desirable and undesirable conditions.

I have decided that my dash will be the greatest adventure story ever!

I would be grateful if you could spare some loose change and help my team reach our fundraising goals https://trailwalker.oxfam.org.au/my/team/24790.

6 thoughts on “Week 22 – Progress – manifesting thought into reality

  1. Aloha 🙂 As I’m actually doing free sessions this week, as all my students are on holiday for 2 weeks, I’m likely not going to earn anything for 2 weeks. However, I would be delighted to have you take me up on that free session ;-)) Please just email me at wendy.rmt.bg@icloud.com and we’ll set up a time to help “balance” you (or you and your team) for your adventure – whether it’s for raising funds, or for creating a healthy connection between brain and body for an amazing trip! I am in AWE of your undertaking. Mahalo for sharing and for allowing others to share in your journey. Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht


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