Week 22a – Awareness is growing

Week 22a – Awareness is growing


I am truly grateful to the MKMMA team and the teachings.  Grateful beyond words.  And grateful to my blogging buddies and twitter tweeters.  I just read in Barbara’s blog about the Bees.  I feel we are all the bees and the hive is like the MKMMA… Awesome!

I’m feeling to blog what I have just experienced.  I was listening to the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattle and even though I read this book 5 years ago… it didn’t sink in as it did today.

Here are a few little phrases that I wrote down

Gratitude brings your mind into closer harmony with the universe and creative thought

God, the one substance, is trying to live and do and enjoy things through humanity

The URGE of original substance containing all the possibilities of all life is seeking expression through you

Man can form things in his thoughts and…

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