MKMMA Week 1 – Today I begin a new life round 2

MKMMA Week 1 – Today I begin a new life round 2

When we choose to grow and expand as individuals the world around us grows and expands and the opposite is exactly true.

Round 2 of MKMMA and I hear myself again repeating the words “Today I begin a new a life”.   This time when I repeat the words the doubt that once existed has diminished.  This time my conviction is real and this time I truly believe I deserve a new life.  A new life where my desires are my just reward – a life where I no longer fear success.

Fear of success debilitated me.  It sounds absurd to admit that I was fearful of success but it is my painful truth.  I fed my “mysterious mind that never sleeps” with information that crippled me, that held me back from making choices that would propel me to fulfilling my life’s purpose.  Why? Because I believed that if I became successful, if I achieved all that I desired and if I were truly happy  I would lose those that are closest to me.  What the? Complete absurdity but that mysterious mind of mine held me with a mighty grip.  That was until I took my power back and chose to release myself.

You see that mysterious mind of ours truly is mysterious but only if we let it remain masked.  Once we learn how to wield it, like a knight wields his sword the power we possess is truly mighty.

What’s amazing is that this power does not discriminate it is within all of us if only we choose to embrace it.

For me my journey of self-discovery has taken me on wonderful adventures, taught me immeasurable lessons and brought more love and compassion into my life than I ever believed possible – many of which I previously believed I did not deserve.

BUT what I know now is that I deserve all this and more.  I DESERVE SUCCESS – in fact it is my duty to be successful.  It is a duty I owe to myself, to my family, to my community, to the global community and to the universe.  I was not put on this earth to live a mediocre life.  I was put on this earth (as are we all) to live a great and fulfilling life.

SO “Today I begin a new life” and no longer will I fear success.  I will embrace my journey, overcome my fears and live a great and fulfilling life.

I invite you to do the same and if you are willing to share one thing you wish to embrace as you too make the choice today, to begin a new life I would be grateful to receive your comments below.


4 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 1 – Today I begin a new life round 2

  1. What a wonderful, heartfelt blog to celebrate your second journey with the MKMMA course! I look forward to reading your next blog! Thank you for being so open and showing so much conviction with us. It is inspiring. Enjoy the journey 🙂


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