MKMMA Week 2 – Obstacles – are they self imposed?

MKMMA Week 2 – Obstacles – are they self imposed?

Week 2 of my second round of the MKMMA experience and I was faced with obstacles which seemed to impede my progress in the course.  I wrote of facing obstacles previously ( wherein I questioned whether I wanted an ordinary life or an extraordinary life.  My choice – an extraordinary life.

However, when faced with obstacles again I seemed to have somewhat lost my momentum to achieving an extraordinary life (or perhaps its just my gratitude for life that is flailing).  As I reflect on my last post the obstacles I wrote of seem frivolous in comparison to what life has put in my path now.  As I write this I am finding it difficult to find the words to explain the “obstacle” that has been put in my path so perhaps the best way is to be factual – my 15 year old son is suffering from acute first episode psychosis.  As a result he has been hopsitalised for almost 6 weeks and at times does not recognise me as his mother.

I have grieved the loss of my son as he once was and am working on embracing my son for who he is now and who he will be.   I truly believe that everything happens for a reason however, I at this stage I unable to grasp that reason.

Noting the outside world reflects the inside world, I was lead to the question “Are obstacles self imposed?”  The short answer “Yes” but now I am faced with asking myself the hard question “Where in my ‘inside world’ am I suffering such turmoil?”

I will share the answer with you soon.

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